As you may have noticed, we’ve kind of disappeared for a while. No, nothing exciting like a really long family reunion or suddenly deciding to become missionaries in southern Cambodia. I wish I could say that we made so much money with Knucklehead that we needed to take an extended rest on our private island for a while. Oh no, not us. We’ve enjoyed some of those valuable and cherished experiences that life tends to throw our way when we come to a point in our lives where we “get to learn more about life and build more character”. This should explain things…

So, about 2:15 in the afternoon I get a call. Normally I would have just sent it to voice mail, but for some reason I figured hey, why not. On the other end of the line a guy introduced himself as Sergeant So-and-so from the Springville Police Department. He said, “Are you Dallon Smith?” Uhhh, yes. “Do you own the house at 698 S. Main St. in Springville?” Uhhh, yes. “Are you aware of what happened here today?” Uhhh, no. “Well, there has been a break in”… (At this point he had my full attention) “And there has been a fire”, Uhhhhhhh, what? “And there’s a dead body in your basement.” After a seemingly long moment of silence I said something intelligent again like…”Uhhhhhhh, what?” followed by an immediate “Dude, who is this?!?!”, and expecting someone to jump out of a bush with a camera telling me that I’ve been punked or something.

After assuring me that this was no joke, he asked if I could meet him there for questioning. 698 S. Main St. was the Knucklehead office. Where it all happened, the headquarters, yes, the same place where we kept everything we owned for Knucklehead, all of our stuff was there, as in… everything.

When I arrived, I immediately took note of the array of cop cars, fire trucks, the ambulance and government employees in uniform. After all the questioning and pulling the dead body out, we were finally allowed to go inside. What we saw was pretty devastating to say the least. The smell of smoke was super heavy and completely out of control. Everything was covered in heavy dark soot. Needless to say, everything was ruined! All of our products and inventory, computers, printers, instruments, vintage furniture, CD’s, vintage stereos and our old record collection (believe me, I could go on) was toast.

As we headed down to the basement it got worse…. The best part about it was seeing the almost perfect silhouette of the guy’s body where the ash and soot settled around him.

So apparently here’s what happened… Around midnight some idiot looking for a place to crash on his way through town smashed one of the windows near the front and broke in. Then after rifling through everything, he piled up a little stash of things to steal. Then he had a great idea. He decided to go downstairs and light a small campfire in one the inventory rooms. At some point he either fell asleep or passed out from the fumes while the “small camp fire” grew and totally engulfed the room in flames. Everything in the room either melted or was burned to a crisp including the top of his head. His body was found lying in the hallway near the door to the room. Somehow the fire slowly burnt itself out over the next twelve hours or so while the heavy smoke infiltrated the house.

If he would have just broken in and stolen a few things, we could have dealt with that. The problem is that it ruined everything we had. Everything. If it wasn’t burnt by the flames then it was definitely ruined by smoke damage. We would be in far better shape if I would have given him one of our cars (maybe just the 96’ Tercel “White Lightning”), helped him load up the stuff he “needed”, gave him gas money, packed him
lunch and sent him on his way. Don’t forget to check out thepolice report and rad pictures.

So, if you’re interested…

The main problem was that we were still a small start-up company neck deep in all the typical growth problems and cash flow issues. And of course all that was accompanied with your normal, run-of-the-mill pressures of growing the business, high-stress, “we gotta make this thing happen or we’re in trouble” lifestyle. Oh yeah, we also didn’t have enough insurance to cover everything we lost. We had some, but not enough.

I gotta tell ya… This took us out of the game, both financially and emotionally. Everything came to a screeching halt. With already having very little working capital and the never-ending challenges of growing a new brand in a highly competitive market like the music business, things got pretty tough.
You know how in the UFC or MMA when someone taps out because they’re about to get their arm broken? Uhh, that was us. It made us tap out for a spell. We have 4 kids and fast freight train of a life. I had to get a J. O. B. so I could feed the monster while we re-grouped.

So, now what…

Anyway, we’re back! We totally apologize for the disappearing act, but we are now back in full force! If the love is still there? If you still feel warm and fuzzy about Knucklehead? If you want to return to the fold, we would love to hear from you and get some Knucklehead Strings in your hands! Just think of us as the prodigal son and let’s go kill the fatted calf.

We have some very cool things planned for the future. We’re also doing things a lot differently from now on. The flood gates are now open to the world and we are now selling all Knucklehead stuff directly to you through our website! If you are in a working band, please check out our options for artists. Well, thanks for reading and checking out Knucklehead again! We hope to hear from you soon!

The Knucklehead Family